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How do I Sign-Up ?

- How do I Sign-Up ?

1. Drop me a text or a voice note via whatsapp on my clinic's number +201111014029 with a brief about yourself and the goal you're trying to accomplish and mention if you have any current and/or any pre-existing injuries and/or any medical conditions that I need to be aware of, and I'll get back to you within the same day.

2. Once I reply back to your message and we agree on working together, I will then send you 2 Online Questionnaires that you will have to fill out and submit back so I can gather enough data about your current fitness level, medical background, eating habits and targeted fitness goal before I proceed with customizing your Fitness & Diet programs. 

3. If you plan to work out at a Gym and not from home, then you will have to have a current gym membership at a fully equipped gym facility - not a CrossFit Box - as you will need all the main gym equipment to use once you receive your customized Fitness Program.


A fully equipped gym facility 'must' include Weight Resistance Machines (cables and/or plate loaded), Free Weights, Cross Cables & Cardio Machines.

If you plan to workout from Home, then you'll have to get a list of Home Gym Equipment that shall include : 

2 x Resistance Tubes ( Medium & Strong resistance )

3 x Pairs of Dumbbells 

2 x 2 Pairs of Ankle Weights 

Aerobic Step

Swiss Ball ( If you are overweight or have back problems )

- if you can also get a Barbell then that should be a plus - 


Weights will be decided later on based on your current fitness level. ​ 

Who can Sign-Up ?

- Who can Sign-up ?

1. If you have any current and/or any pre-existing injuries, or if you have any current and/or any pre-existing medical condition(s) that are causing you any physical limitations, then unfortunately I will not be able to take you on as a client until you acquire a written clearance from your treating doctor/physician giving you their approval & permission to go ahead and practice any form of Physical Exercise, and that you're able to follow any type of new Diet Regiment.

2. If you're a Vegan or a Vegetarian who cannot eat animal based products such as Chicken or Eggs, or if you won't even be able to follow a Mediterranean Diet ( Seafood based Diet ), then unfortunately I will not be able to take you on as a client.

3. If you know in advance that you are not a self motivated person who will not have the discipline nor the patience to fully commit to a given Fitness & Diet programs - equally - then I strongly urge you NOT to Sign-Up for my programs as they demand a ton of commitment, lots of patience & an equal amount of discipline, hence why they will not be able to help reach your goals if you lack discipline, commitment & patience. 

But if you're a driven Go-Getter who know what you want and constantly seek improvement as well as physical and mental excellence, then you've come to the right place and I'm the man for the task and I'm all up for it!!

Which GOAL should I choose ?

- Which GOAL should I choose ?


This option is for those who seek losing weight and keeping it off naturally, safely and effectively! 

If you are currently overweight and your main goal is to burn off as much fat as you can while building strength and gaining muscle tone, all while learning the Right MovesBEST Diet Tricks to reach your goal without having to use any invasive fat burners or drugs, or without taking any drastic measures like undergoing liposuction or any other type of fat shedding surgery, then this option is the right one for you!


**Mostly recommended to anyone who needs to lose 10 kgs or more. 


This option is for guys who seek building a solid Beach Body with washboard abs!

If your goal is to build a lean, well proportioned, well balanced physique, while learning the Right MovesBEST Diet Tricks to have a Six-Pack and know how to keep it without having to use any steroids or any invasive fat burners or drugs, then this option is the right one for you! 

**Mostly recommended to anyone who isn't currently overweight and only needs to lose 4-6 kgs max.


This option is for ladies who seek to have a stunning Bikini Body while building a Firm Butt to go with it!


If your goal is to build a lean 'yet curvy', well proportioned, feminine physique without using any invasive fat burners or drugs, while learning the Right MovesBEST Diet Tricks to have a Flat Tummy and know how to keep it, then this option is the right one for you! 

**Mostly recommended to anyone who isn't currently overweight and only needs to lose 4-6 kgs max.


This option is for guys who seek gaining Lean Muscle Mass while burning fat at the same time!


If you aim to cultivate a Clean Bulk while learning the Right MovesBEST Diet Tricks to do so without having to use any steroids, protein shakes or any invasive drugs, then this option is the right one for you! 

**Mostly recommended for Hard-Gainers or those who struggle with putting on Lean Muscle Mass.


This option is for any athlete who's practicing any type of sport (male or female) and wants to upgrade their sports performance & take their game up to a whole new level!


If your goal is to boost your athletic capabilities within your sport and perform at your peak while learning the Right MovesBEST Diet Tricks to do so without having to use any steroids or any invasive drugs, then this option is the right one for you! 

**Doesn't matter which sport you're practicing, I'll be able to create the ultimate Sports Conditioning Program for your specific sport.


This option is for very busy individuals who are constantly On-the-Go and for those are operating on a very tight daily schedule, yet still want to maintain good health and build a smart physique!


If your goal is to complete an entire workout in less than an hour while exercising at a Gym or while working out from Home, and while knowing how to 'eat-smart' so you're still able to stay fit & healthy despite your busy lifestyle, then this option is the right one for you!

**Mostly recommended for those who are %100 incapable of working out for more than an hour due to their extremely busy daily schedule.

How does it work ?

- How does it work ?

Once we've agreed on working together, I shall then send you a text via whatsapp with links for 2 online Pre-Exercise Questionnaires that you will have to fill out and submit back asap. Once you've submitted both questionnaires you shall then proceed with finishing your online payment to either one of my (4 x weeks) or (8 x weeks) customized Fitness & Diet programs via the Packages tab in the website menu, in which you should then expect to receive 5 X PDF files sent to via e-mail within (3-5 days) from the time you've completed your online payment. 

The e-mail you shall receive will include the following:

1. Fully detailed, fully Customized Fitness Program based on your current fitness level, fitness/medical background and your targeted fitness goal. Your given program will tell you exactly which exercises you should do and in what order you should do them, including number of sets & number of repetitions for each and every exercise, as well as weight level/intensity you'll be recommended to use.


All this will be shown to you in the form of clickable icons that should redirect you to either YouTube exercise videos featuring myself to show you a demo of how to perform each and every exercise in less than 1 minute, as well as detailed instructional PDF files to also show you how to perform each and every exercise with more detailed included.  

2. Fitness Program Manual with detailed instructions on how to use your given Fitness Program.

3. Fitness Guide that should cover all the major" Do's & Don'ts " you need to be aware of while exercising in general or while working out at the gym, with a  Fitness - FAQ  link on the last page of the guide to answer most of your potential questions about exercising in general and monitoring your progress.

4. Fully detailed, fully Personalized Diet Plan that will tell you exactly what you should eat and/or drink from the minute you wake up in the morning until the time you go to bed. Your Diet Plan shall be customized based on your targeted fitness goal as well as your special dietary needs, and it shall include what you should eat and/or drink everyday throughout your given (4 x weeks) or (8 x weeks) Fitness Program.

5. Nutrition Guide that should give you some valuable guidance about all the major
" Do's & Don'ts " you need to be aware of while eating & drinking in general, as well as tips about healthy eating habits among other very beneficial diet tips, with a  Diet - FAQ  link on the last page of the guide to answer most of your potential questions about your dieting in general and monitoring your progress. 

When should I expect to see/feel any results ?

- When should I expect to see/feel results ?

In most cases it all depends on your level of commitment. Meaning that you'll "definitely" see results a lot faster when you're fully committed to your given Fitness Program (not skipping on any of your training days), and are equally committed to your given Diet Plan and all your given diet tips & guidelines you've been recommended to follow without any cheating or improvising!

Genetics also play a big role in anyone's progress rate, but we ONLY rely on HARD WORK and hard work only!! We do not rely on genetics or luck or any other factor that is not in our hands to control . . . and I want you to believe that "Hard work always PAYS-OFF!"

In my experience and based on all the clients I have coached over the past decade and a half, you should definitely expect to witness some noticeable changes to your physique and performance level every 2 weeks 'If' you were fully committed to your given Fitness & Diet Programs.


Results will also depend on your current fitness level and the goal you're trying to accomplish. For example; a beginner who's never been to a gym before in their life and wants to lose 20 kg, will definitely take longer time to achieve his/her goal than a partially active person who's been hitting the gym 2-3 times a week, and only needs to lose 10 kg or less . . .


So all factors mentioned above should be taken into consideration, but believe me when I say that nothing's impossible through HARK WORK and perseverance!

Which GOAL should I choose, 4 or 8 weeks ?

- Which GOAL should I choose, 4 or 8 weeks ?

It depends on the goal you're trying to accomplish, in comparison to your current fitness level, fitness background, body type, genetics, and most of all your level of commitment. 

Example 1 : An overweight in-active person who has never been to a gym before in their life and one who needs to lose 20 kgs or more, will definitely take a longer time to reach their goal than a partially active person who's been hitting the gym 2-3 times a week and needs to lose 10 kgs or less. Both individuals can probably reach their goal in ( 8 x weeks ) time with proper training and proper dieting. 

Although, chances are that the partially active person will manage to reach their goal faster than the in-active individual due to the difference in their fitness level and the goal each of them is trying to accomplish -since one needs to lose 20 kgs, but the other needs to lose only 10 kgs or less.

Example 2 : A regular gym goer who wants to 'up' their game and improve his/her current fitness level & physique, or an athlete who wants to elevate their performance level at their sport without having to drop down much weight, can simply accomplish that in only ( 4 x weeks ).

Example 3 : An overweight in-active male who needs to lose 10-20 kgs or more and wants to have a Six-Pack or build a well proportioned Lean Beach Body physique, or an overweight in-active female who needs to lose 10-20 kgs or more and wants to have a Bikini Body physique will probably need at least ( 8 x weeks ) to lose that extra weight first and build some good base, then commit for another ( 8 x weeks ) to build that Beach Body or Bikini Body physique.  

Example 4 : An individual who wants to trim down a bit of body fat and only needs to lose around 2-4 kgs of unwanted body weight and is currently active or even in-active can easily accomplish their goal in only ( 4 x weeks ).

How do you follow-up with clients ?

- How do you follow-up with clients ?

On a weekly basis you'll be required to submit an online Weekly Follow-Up Form with a list of questions that should give me an accurate update about your current status so that I'm able to regularly assess your progress and apply any changes or recommend any adjustments to your given fitness and/or diet programs if needs be. That way I can make sure you're kept on the right track while achieving contentious progress until you eventually succeed in reaching your goal!

It'll be absolutely crucial for you as a client to regularly submit your weekly follow-ups on time, because otherwise I will not be able to properly track your progress nor will I be able to do my job as I should while being your Coach.  

You will also have the option of sending me any other questions via whatsapp any day of the week (except for Fridays which are my days OFF) and I'll make sure to respond back every day between the hours of (12:00 pm - 2:00 pm) & (9:00 pm - 11:00 pm) Egypt/Cairo time.

How do I know you're credible ?

- How do I know you're credible ?

I've been a Gym Instructor since 2004 and an Certified Fitness Trainer since 2007. That is +18 years of solid, extensive experience within my craft while being deeply immersed within the health & fitness industry, as well as succeeding in delivering results to a numerous number of clients coming from every part around the world! 

Throughout my journey I have had the privilege of coaching all kinds of amazing & remarkable individuals, while helping each one of them reach their designated fitness goal and drastically change their lives all the way around to become the very best version of themselves! I have coached beginners who had never stepped foot in a gym before in their lives, and all the way up to coaching professional athletes!  

I've also been a lifetime athlete and a big sports enthusiast who have had the pure joy of practicing all kinds of disciplines since a very young age, starting with water-sports, racket sports, martial arts & all the way up to competing internationally as a Natural Bodybuilder, in which I have succeeded to accumulate a solid sports & fitness background that was a main contributor to boosting my knowledge about sports in general and fitness in particular, which lead me to 'practically' understand fitness on a much higher level than just knowing about it 'theoretically', where I've also managed to eventually combine my sports background to the actual science of fitness and nutrition by getting certified as a :




ISSA Certified Nutritionist

ISSA Specialist in Sports & Conditioning

ISSA Specialist in Sports Nutrition

ISSA Transformation Specialist

ISSA Bodybuilding Specialist

ISSA Certified DNA Based Fitness Coach

Not all athletes have the ability to coach and the skill to teach - fact - but I consider myself to be very lucky and equally blessed individual to possess both qualities!

Does 'Online Coaching' really work ?

- Does 'Online Coaching' really work ?

It can absolutely work if you are working with a professional who is qualified and experienced enough to guide you in the right direction, and one who actually knows what they're doing, but most of all it will ONLY work if you were fully committed to your given fitness program and equally committed to your given diet plan without any cheating on your training or your dieting.

So if I send you a customized fitness program with very detailed instructions on how to perform each and every exercise, alongside a personalized diet plan that tells you exactly what you should eat, what portion, and when, where both programs are customized based on your current fitness level, fitness/medical background & targeted fitness goal as well as special dietary needs, while having access to reach me everyday of the week (except for Fridays), as well as benefiting from getting 'weekly check-ins' to make sure you that you're kept on the right track while continuously improving . . . If you have all that and you are fully committed to your given programs all the way through beginning till end, then I don't see a scenario where you would 'still' eventually NOT reach your goal and achieve astonishing results!

If you are someone who can NOT commit to an Online Program and would rather work with a 1:1 personal trainer who must be there to coach you (in person) during your training sessions, then I urge you NOT to sign-up to any of my programs since all of my coaching is done online (remotely) and not (in person).


If you are NOT a committed person and would not have the 'discipline' to commit to your given programs as well as my instructions all the way through, then I urge you NOT to sign-up to any of my programs, and rather not to waste your money on something that would not benefit from in any way shape or form, since I won't be able to help you out or promise you any results, as " Nothing will work unless you do ".

Also, if you are an impatient person or someone who would pay money for professional help, commits only for a couple of weeks then quits? Then please don't bother . . . my programs ain't for you! Progress takes time, patience & discipline. Remember that " You have to learn to walk before you can run ".

I would also rather invest my time and energy working with those who constantly strive to improve and become better, and those are always taking action towards excellence and those who refuse to quit!


My clients are live representatives of the value I had to offer each one of them, and a walking proof of my hard work and sincere dedication towards my profession so I was able to earn the credibility I deserve as a very experienced, professional fitness coach/nutritionist. But most of all, I would want you to become the very BEST version of yourself, and that can never happen if you did not commit nor put in the hard work and discipline required for you to eventually reach your goal! 

So, if you are someone who can fully commit to all of my instructions and are willing to work hard towards earning the physique you have always dreamed of, then I welcome you with arms wide open and a promise to offer you nothing but my very BEST!

Why FITNESS LEGACY and not any FREE Fitness App ?

- Why FITNESS LEGACY and not any 'Fitness App' ?

Fitness apps can ONLY offer it's users non-customized, generic type of programs, simply because a software can NOT perform a 'case study' on each and every individual in order for it to be able to create the right type of fitness and/or diet programs that are best suitable and most compatible for each person. 


Fitness apps are based on 'spitting out' generic tips and fitness programs that it can simply retrieve from it's database based on your input as a user. . . A "one size fits all" type of scenario! For example, a fitness app can suggest " If you want bigger arms, do these exercises ", or " If you want a six-pack, do these moves " regardless to many other factors about you as a client that are crucial and that must be taken into consideration such as your exact current fitness level, fitness background, medical background etc. in which an app will not take such info into consideration when deciding which moves are best, most effective and safest for you to perform for as a user, which can also easily lead up to a serious injury!

As a professional fitness coach with over a decade and a half of vast knowledge and solid extensive experience within my field of expertise, I do take all crucial info into consideration before designing any of my fitness and/or diet programs for any of my clients, with data that is not only limited to knowing my client's weight, height, age and body type like most fitness apps would need from you to insert before suggesting a program for you to follow . . . I 'case study' each one of my clients and I continue guiding them all the way throughout their journey!

A fitness app is not capable of performing any adjustments to your program based on your progress -if needs be- since you cannot give feedback to an app about your progress and expect it to respond back . . . Unlike working 1:1 with an experienced fitness professional who knows every detail about your case and would help you out and work with you as a client and not as an "end user"!

Always remember that what works for you, might not work for somebody else, and only a Fitness Expert can tell you exactly which route to take in order for you to eventually reach your goal in the safest and quickest manner! An automated app can NEVER offer you any of that. 

Why FITNESS LEGACY and not 'Group Exercise Classes' ?

- Why FITNESS LEGACY and not 'Group Exercise Classes' ?

First of all I applaud anyone who takes initiative towards becoming healthier & stronger, and I encourage any form of exercise that can help anyone become more fit while improving their physical health and overall well-being.

However, in order for any fitness regiment to be helpful & actually beneficial, it primarily needs to treat each individual based on their current fitness level, fitness background, medical history, body type and take into consideration if said individual has any limitations or any restrictions when it comes to performing certain physical movements or certain level of cardiovascular activities, so that their given program is actually 'customized' and actually compatible with their status, and without ending up harming them instead of helping them.


Unfortunately, in large group classes it is very hard 'and almost impossible' to perform such full/proper screening for each and every individual participating in each class before enrolling them in, or be able to fully customize any 'individualized' fitness & diet regiments for each individual accordingly. That can't be done, since everyone participating in a group class usually ends up doing the same thing (with slight variations in intensity) over the same period of time. 

Only spinning & body-combat classes (and maybe light Yoga classes) can benefit a entire group of people without putting anyone at risk for injury, as I personally believe that no other type of class that involves training with weights (or even just body-weight exercises) can equally benefit every participant in that group all at the same time without putting some or at least one of them at risk for injury! 

Group exercise classes are meant to push an entire group of individuals all together to perform a set of compound and/or isolated exercises within a certain period of time, where all participants are meant to perform said type of exercises all at once, in which some participants might not have the same fitness capacity to endure an entire class beginning till end with the same performance level at the other participants, especially when weights and/or certain types of body-weight exercises are involved that cannot be done by everyone.

My approach as a 1:1 fitness professional is a lot more focused than that, as I treat each one of my clients as a separate individual, while taking into consideration each client's targeted fitness goal, current fitness level, body type, fitness background, medical history and/or if they have any current physical limitations or any restrictions before customizing their fitness & diet programs in a way that is best suited and most compatible with their case and their targeted fitness goal.

Having both a Customized Fitness Program & a Personalized Diet Plan that are both tailored specifically to suit your case and meet your needs to help you out as an individual -not as a group participant- reach your targeted fitness goal, can never be as good as or even slightly compared to being an individual amongst a group of another 10-20 class participants (or a larger group than that), while all participants perform the same exact thing for an entire hour or so! 


Remember that no matter how economically convenient and more fun it might be to enroll in a 'group class' instead of hiring a fitness & diet expert to work with as an individual, your health & safety should still come first, and the risk of you getting injured while in a 'group class' is much higher than that when you're being coached as an individual not as another yet 'group participant'! 

What if I didn't reach my GOAL ?

- What if I didn't reach my GOAL ?

If you actually fully commit to your given fitness program and equally commit to your given diet plan once we start working together, and if you follow all of my training instructions & nutrition advice without skipping on any of your training days, or cheating on your given diet in any way . . . then there's absolutely %100 no chance of you not achieving 'significant' progress and eventually reaching your goal! How do I know that and why am I so confident about it? Because I've never had a single client who didn't achieve significant results and eventually reach their goal while being 'fully committed' beginning til end! And I've coached hundreds of clients coming from every part around the world throughout my 18 years of experience as professional Health & Fitness coach! 

That's also why I conduct 'weekly check-Ins' with each one of my clients to make sure that everyone is kept on the right track all the way through beginning till end of their journey, and to make any changes or apply any adjustments to their given fitness and/or diet programs -if needs be! 

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