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> Please get an in-advance clearance from your treating physician before signing up to any of our FITNESS PROGRAMS -IF- you have any current and/or any pre-existing injuries and/or any medical conditions that might worsen if you follow a weight resistance training program.

> Please note that our FITNESS and/or DIET programs are NOT meant to cure any diseases or illnesses, but are solely meant to help you improve your general health, boost your strength & fitness levels as well as improve your overall sense of well-being.

> Once you’re done with your online payment, please make sure to submit the following 2 x QUESTIONNAIRES :




> Lastly, you'll receive your FITNESS & NUTRITION PROGRAMS via e-mail within 48hrs from the time you do your online payment AND submitted both questionnaires, so make sure you DO THEM BOTH AT THE SAME TIME.

> Once you’re done with your program and if you’re happy with the results that you've got, you can send us an email to  and let us know if you’d like to LEVEL-UP and get a NEW and more challenging program!

*** Your Online Payment is NOT a recurring payment, which means that you ‘pay as you go’ for your monthly subscription -if you choose to.

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