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The Problem

The Problem

Everybody wants to get fit and become healthy while working with a professional who can actually help them reach their ultimate Health & Fitness goals in the fastest, safest, cheapest & most effective manner.

Unfortunately, the majority of people worldwide 'cannot' afford hiring any qualified or experienced Fitness Trainer who can coach them (in-person) 3-5 times per week, which makes hiring a Fitness Trainer such a ‘luxury’ that many want, but only a few can have.

In Egypt, the average rate to hire any qualified Fitness Trainer can vary between ( EGP 150 - 400 ) per hour, depending on the level of experience of the Fitness Trainer.

In UAE or KSA, it may vary between ( AED / SAR 150 - 500 ) per hour. In the US or Canada, it‘s between ( $50 - 200 ) per hour, and in Europe, it is between ( €50 - 200 ) per hour.


As for CrossFit & Group Exercise classes, the average rate can vary between ( EGP 50 - 100 ) per class, which is not cheap since you won’t be getting any 1:1 guidance from your group class instructor, as each class would usually hosts any number between 10-50 participants (if not more), which completely defeats the purpose of having any 'individualized' professional help. Also, in many cases, some of these group exercise participants eventually end up getting injured.

And lastly, a big segment of people usually end up seeking help from Health & Fitness Apps that are capable of providing only generic ‘one-size-fits-all’ kind of programs that are also ‘not’ customized by any means, which also defeats the purpose of having any proper professional guidance that can actually help a client reach their targeted Health & fitness goal both safely and efficiently.

Our Solution

Our Solution


F I T N E S S   L E G A C Y  offers a complete & elite premium service at a much lower rate than hiring any qualified Fitness Trainer, while providing Fully Customized Fitness & Diet Programs that can help 'anyone' reach their targeted Health & Fitness goals (without) having to pay a fortune on hiring a Personal Trainer and/or Nutritionist.


F I T N E S S   L E G A C Y  offers a much safer, more focused, more effective & more economic solution for clients who want to ‘get in-shape’ without having to risk participating in any ‘random’ group exercise classes that usually lead up to inevitable injuries, or ending up not reaching their targeted Health & Fitness goals since the service they were offered was never personalized in the first place.


F I T N E S S   L E G A C Y  only provides Fully Customized Fitness & Diet Programs that are extremely detailed & fully integrated, and are by no means ‘generic’ like those offered by most (if not all) current Fitness and/or Nutrition Apps. Our service also offers regular ‘real-time’ follow-ups that are handled by actual Health & Fitness Experts, and not any ‘bots’ or automated replies, to keep our clients fully engaged & genuinely motivated.


F I T N E S S   L E G A C Y ’ s  dedicated clients were able to achieve astonishing results after following our Fully Customized Fitness & Diet Programs & as well our extensive guidance (( without having to use any Drugs, Steroids, or take any unsafe, drastic measures )), and we take much pride in that!


F I T N E S S   L E G A C Y ’ s  stellar service is global and is available to ANYONE residing ANYWHERE around the world, as we're currently helping clients coming from all over the Middle-East, Europe, the US & Canada.



      Our packages offered :


       S I L V E R   (  4  x  w e e k s  )


✔️ 1:1 Clinic Primary Consultation

✔️ Customized (Fitness Program)

✔️ Personalized (Diet Plan)

✔️ Weekly Check-Ins/Follow-Ups

✔️ Unlimited Support


      $ 5 9   (  EGP  900  )



      G O L D   (  8  x  w e e k s  )


✔️ 1:1 Clinic Primary Consultation

✔️ Customized (Fitness Program)

✔️ Personalized (Diet Plan)

✔️ Weekly Check-Ins/Follow-Ups

✔️ Unlimited Support


      $ 9 9   (  EGP 1,600  )

Local clients based in Egypt also have the option to go for 1:1 (face to face) Primary Consultations at our clinic based in ( CMC - Cairo Medical Center ) located in the 5th settlement.

Our Clients

Our Clients

There's a wildly common misconception among the majority of people that 'no one' can achieve amazing results without using any drugs, steroids or heavy supplements... We beg to differ! 

Our #SuperStars & very committed clients are a walking, living proof, that our Fully Customized Fitness & Diet Programs in addition to our incredible guidance, really does work!

And guess what? 'None' of our clients had been coached 'in-person' (not even once) since we've launched our Clinic and Online Service Platform back in April of 2019.

All of the following incredible transformations were achieved by our clients who literarily just followed their given Online Fully Customized Fitness & Diet Programs, as well as being fully committed to our regular guidance, with zero 'in-person' coaching or any physical presence during any of their sessions. The entire process was done remotely!

Success stories 2.png

W h a t  t h e y  s a y 

Testimoials 2.png
The Competition

The Competition

Health & Fitness service providers anywhere are split into 4 categories :


Personal Trainers :

They are mostly overpriced and can only cater to a small niche of people who can actually afford hiring them. Most of them are ‘not’ certified, might look fit and presentable, but hold no actual track record of helping others reach their targeted Health & Fitness goals. It is also common that many Fitness Trainers do encourage their clients to use steroids, or get them on heavy supplementation to help them reach their goals faster -which is extremely dangerous & unprofessional. 

Nutritionists :

They are way too many and can only help their clients with their Diet Planning but not with their Fitness Training as well, which leaves a huge and critical part of anybody's primary health care requirements totally neglected. Most of them have ‘theoretical’ backgrounds about "What works & what doesn't", with minimum to none ‘practical’ experience to prove their credibility.

CrossFit & Group Exercise Classes :

They are very popular, but the majority of people who attend said classes mostly go for social interaction and not for result seeking, as said classes do ‘not’ provide any form of personalized help & guidance since you get to be a participant among a group of 10-50 other participants, hence why they are well know for being ‘high risk’ when it comes to injuries.

Health & Fitness Apps :

They can only offer ‘generic’ Fitness and/or Diet Programs that are by no means 'customized' or 'personalized', hence why a lot of people who cannot afford hiring a Fitness Trainer usually seek those Apps as a second best option, except that said Apps can ‘not’ actually help its users reach their targeted Health & Fitness goals since they do not provide any personalized service in the first place (one-size-fits-all).

Our Edge

Our Edge

Our Main USP :

The whole purpose of our service is to provide the majority of people worldwide with the ultimate solution & most effective alternative to hiring any overpriced Fitness Trainer or Nutritionist, and for our clients to ‘still’ be able to reach their targeted Health & Fitness goals using our service without the need of having any 'in-person' coaching, and to offer them our premium service at a rate that is extremely competitive/convenient to both local & international clients.


We treat each one of our clients as a unique, individualized project. Each one of our Fully Customized Fitness & Diet Programs is based on each client’s current fitness level, fitness background, medical history, dietary needs, foods restrictions, as well as their targeted Health & Fitness goals.


There is no other Health & Fitness service provider in all Egypt that provides any service that is even remotely as detailed, integrated, effective & professional as ours. We also provide the most effective follow-up protocol that keeps our clients engaged, focused and motivated.


We beat all of our competition by offering a superb service that is extremely effective, equally safe and affordable by the majority of people.



Performance & Milestones :

Thankfully, F I T N E S S   L E G A C Y  has a running start since being established back in (April of 2019), while managing to sign-up more than +350 clients coming from every part around the world who mostly came to us through referrals and personal recommendations (word of mouth), and we were able to hit those numbers despite having minimum Social Media presence -that we plan to change and massively boost during the remainder of this year.


Initial Capital invested to launch back in (April of 2019) :

EGP 163,800

Total Revenue earned in 22 x months :

since (April 2019) 

EGP 360,170


Total Expenses spent in 22 x months :

since (April 2019) 

EGP 111,260


Total Net Profit earned in 22 x months :

since (April 2019) 

EGP 248,910


Total ROI earned in 22 x months :

Total Revenue Earned - Total Capital Invested - Total Expenses Spent

EGP 95,130 (%58) ROI

The Market Potential

The Market Potential


The Health & Fitness industry is a global multi billion dollar industry and whoever has the right credentials combined with the right approach to help the masses reach their ultimate Health & Fitness goals in the safest, most effective & most economic manner, can become extremely wealthy.


As for business potential just within the Middle-East itself that currently holds a total population of 456 million, with Egypt’s population alone currently surpassing the 100 million mark, it is fair to say that the potential is beyond massive!

Signing-up only (%1) or even just (%0.5) of the mentioned above number is actually doable and not that far fetched, since it’s been done before by a company in the US that created a calorie counting App called MyFitnessPal.

MyFitnessPal was founded by 2 individuals back in 2005, and in 2015 it was acquired by athletic apparel maker 'Under Armour' in a deal worth $475 million.

MyFitnessPal has currently reached 180 million active users for a monthly subscription fee of $9.99.


MyFitnessPal is a purely calorie counting mobile application that does not offer any customized or personalized Fitness and/or Diet Plans, just Health & Fitness tips on how to stay healthy.

Our Go-to Market Plan

Our Go-to Market Plan


Since there’s a current obvious gap in the Middle-Eastern market when it comes to finding any reliable or complete Fitness and/or Nutrition mobile Apps, and since most services are now going digital post-COVID, we would like to launch our own Fully Integrated Mobile Application that should totally disrupt the entire market and capture everybody’s attention by solving all the major common problems that most clients have.


Our newly developed, fully integrated Fitness & Nutrition App will offer its users a much more dynamic experience that no other App or Health & Fitness service provider can currently offer.


In addition to clients receiving their Fully Customized Fitness & Diet Programs via our App, they will also be able to track & assess their progress when it comes to their Training & Dieting on a ‘daily’ basis instead of doing it on weekly or monthly basis.


The App will also include many extra features that should keep each and every client fully engaged and highly motivated within the duration of their program (and beyond) to insure frequent renewals & boost our referrals rates.


Our monthly subscription will be offered at only $24.99 ( EGP 399 ), or $44.99 ( EGP 699 ) for a 2 x months subscription.


Our rates will be a lot more affordable to the masses than any other Health & Fitness service provider out there ( both locally & internationally ) which will totally undermine & eliminate the competition.


Our stellar service reflected through our newly developed App will show every new client the extreme ‘value for money’ they’ll be getting when subscribing with us.


Once our App has been officially released, we plan on offering a ( 1 x Month Free Trail ) to the majority of corporate employees and multinationals ( so as to their 1st degree family members ).


We will also target the younger generation represented by university students ( who will also get the same offer ), in order for us to cover both age demographics who we’d want to try our amazing service 'for free' at first just to understand the value & quality of what we have to offer, while aiming to sign-up a total of ( 1,000 -10,000 ) FREE users within the first 3 months from the time we officially launch our App, to eventually convert ( %5 - %10 ) of that total FREE sign-ups number into paying clients, which would be a great start for us!


Frequent collaborations with well known Social Media Influencers as well as running ‘aggressive’ ad campaigns on a monthly basis to continuously promote for our outstanding service and newly released superb mobile application will be a must, so that we can eventually reach our desired ‘Best Case Scenario’ goals.

Mobile Application Survey

Mobile Application Survey


After conducting a brief survey of our own to confirm the fact that there's an actual need for using a good Fitness & Nutrition mobile App, with 75 participants coming from Egypt, UAE, KSA, UK, Canada & the US who agreed to take our survey, we have reached a definite conclusion with the majority of participants voting that they would "Definitely, sign-up for such an App!" 

55 voted out of 75 (%73.3)

"I would ‘definitely’ sign-up for such an App!"

5 voted out of 75 (%6.7)

"I don’t need to use any NEW Fitness and/or Nutrition Apps since I’m already using one and I’m quite satisfied with it."

5 voted out of 75 (%6.7)

"I don’t need to use any Fitness and/or Nutrition Apps cause I’m already working with a Fitness Trainer and/or a Nutritionist instead."

8 voted out of 75 (%10.7)

"I don’t need to use any Fitness and/or Nutrition Apps cause I create my own Fitness & Diet programs."

2 voted out of 75 (%2.7)

"I don’t need to use any Fitness and/or Nutrition Apps cause I’m not into Health & Fitness in general."

To check out the whole survey :


>> Click Here <<

The Vision

The Vision


Our focus will be entirely dedicated to pushing our brand FITNESS LEGACY to become Egypt’s no.1 authority when it comes to providing an "Outstanding" Fitness & Nutrition mobile App that is complete, superb & affordable, and our brand's name to be mentioned out loud whenever the term “BEST Online Coaching” comes to mind, as we explore and conquer the rest of the Middle-Eastern market before going global!

Worst case scenario :

We reach ( 100 - 500 ) active paying users that should generate a total monthly revenue of ( EGP 40k - 200k )


Best case scenario 1 :

We reach ( 1,000 - 5,000 ) active paying users that should generate a total monthly revenue of ( EGP 400k - 2mil )


Best case scenario 2 :

We reach ( 10k - 50k ) active paying users that should generate a total monthly revenue of ( EGP 4mil - 20mil )


Best case scenario 3 :

We reach ( 1million users ) that currently represents only %1 of Egypt’s total population, that should generate a total revenue of ( EGP 400mil )


Best case scenario 4 :

We go global and surpass +100mil users like MyFitnessPal App did before us.

The Founder

The Founder

About me 7.png

My name is AbdelRahman Saudi. I’m 37yrs of age, and I’ve been helping clients reach their ultimate health & fitness goals since 2 0 0 4 .

Health & Fitness Certificates :

ISSA - Certified 'Elite’ Fitness Coach

ISSA - Specialist in Sports & Conditioning

ISSA - Certified Specialist in Sports Nutrition

Currently finishing my ISSA - Master's Degree to add 5 more certificates to my resume’ before the end of this year.

Health & Fitness Experience :

Throughout my +16yrs of extensive experience that I’ve gathered while being deeply immersed within the Health & Fitness industry living between ( Egypt, Dubai & KSA ), I have had the privilege of working with & helping hundreds of clients coming from all different parts around the world, different backgrounds, ages & fitness capabilities.

I’ve worked with beginners who had never stepped foot in a gym before in their lives, and all the way up to coaching professional athletes.

Sports background :

I’ve been an ex-competitor in several sports since the age of 10 on a professional and semi-professional levels, and now I’m a retired athlete with tons of passion for Health & Fitness, as well as helping others become the very best they can be!

Academic & Business Background :

I hold a BBA following The University of New Brunswick in Canada, but most of all I possess a solid business background that is quite mandatory when it comes to running any successful business. I‘m also quite capable when it comes to business management, digital marketing, sales & brand creation.

The Ask ( Fundraising Info )

The Ask (Fundraising info)


We are seeking a total investment of  ( EGP 1,400,000 )  that should cover all of our financial expenses for the duration of  ( 17 x months )  to include the following :


- New App development

- Backend creation

- PR & Business Management

- Digital Marketing & Ad campaigns

- Customer Service & Follow-up team

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