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Single Arm Cable Curls 

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  • Attach a Single Arm Grip to the lowest point of a pulley machine or a cross cable machine then select your desired resistance to be used. Stand tall just a couple of feet away from the pulley with your right arm fully extended while grabbing the arm grip with the palm of your hand facing forward. Make sure you stand far enough from the pulley that your arm is kept under constant tension once you’ve grabbed the arm grip, and always maintain a straight & upright posture while performing this exercise.

  • Your upper arm should remain stationary (not moving) and your elbow should be kept next to your torso throughout the entire movement. Your other non-lifting hand should be at your side grabbing your waist to give you some balance, or just kept in a neutral state by your side. Place your right foot a bit backward, and your left foot firm at your front. This will be your starting position.

  • Use your right arm’s biceps muscle to curl the arm grip all the way up until your forearm touches your biceps. Only your forearm should be moving up with the arm grip while keeping your upper arm stationary and your elbow close to your torso throughout the entire movement.

  • Squeeze in your biceps muscle as hard as you can, then slowly bring the arm grip back down to its starting position, while keeping your biceps muscle fully engaged and under constant tension.

  • Repeat this motion for the recommended amount of repetitions.

  • Switch arms and legs positions then perform the same exact motion for the same amount of repetitions with your other arm.



  • NEVER use a heavy weight setting when performing this exercise to avoid getting any biceps, forearms, wrists, shoulders and/or lower back injury.

  • A proper adjusted weight setting that is not too heavy should have you mostly engage your biceps muscles -as it should- without tempting you to cheat by using the rest of your body to help you curl the weight.

  • Lower down the weight resistance if you ever felt that you can’t properly curl the weight without cheating with your body, or if you can’t properly execute a full range of motion with full extension & full contraction.

  • It is normal for you to also feel your chest, trapz and lower back muscles getting slightly engaged while performing this exercise.

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